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We are all MOTHERS

All women are mothers; not all give birth, not all are able, not all want to. Some have not seen their own child in years, some have lost them, some are searching, and some have said goodbye.   Some have healed, some have moved on, some have left this lifetime, some live in hope, all are mothers.

Being a woman, means you are a mother.  We are connected to the planet, to the air and the ocean, to the land and the living, like no other.  We are born with hearts that are open, with a hardwired sense of nurture, whether it is giving birth or giving love, providing a hand or providing a home.   We read stories, we share time and space, and we participate in the ‘mothering’ of all.  We call out to them when we see danger, we share food when they are hungry, dress their wounds and heal their hearts.  We include them in our lives, in our space, in our memories.  We cannot pass a child, without smiling at those who are happy, without aching for those who are sad; we wish them well when they are ailing, and feel their pain as though our own.

We are all raising children.  We may not share their name, their home, or their story, but we are all a part of the planet’s young.  We have cleared a path so they can walk, we have shone a light so they can see, we have held them close, if only in our thoughts.  It makes no difference to us, how or why they are, whether they are ours through blood or through belonging, through circumstance, or happenstance.  We are all connected to Mother earth and to our Earth mothers.  Our presence on the planet is a gift and I for one am grateful, to a global village of women for making a difference in the lives of all children; for those who have raised them and those who have raised them up.

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