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Do you have an open mind?  Are you open to the ideas being presented, to the opinions being offered, to something new?  Is your mind willing to stretch a little, to take in something very different and perhaps a little frightening, something other that what you’re used to thinking?  Can you dig a little deeper, to a place where you try to wrap your head around something other than your own thoughts, the thoughts you own?  Can you reach a deeper place of understanding?  Can you let go of your own ego, and welcome expansion?  Can you become less attached to what you think is right? It takes courage to open your mind, to lean into the idea that there might be more than what ‘you’ think.  After all, thoughts are just that, only thoughts, and you are in charge of the ones you choose to think.

Are your eyes open? Do you see what is actually in front of you, the homeless person, the hungry person, the angry or sad person?  Do you see yourself in what you don’t like in others?  Open eyes are wide open, not short sighted, they see further than your own immediate depth of field. They see a reality that may be uncomfortable, a truth you do not want to visualize. They see the whole, the planet, the injustice, the hate and the hurt, that which is hard on our sight.  Open eyes have unlimited vision, they see more than what’s beautiful or right or good. They see through clear unfiltered lenses, they see what they wish was not there.  Open eyes believe what they cannot see.  They see the beauty in every thing and every one.  They see what is really there even when they cannot admit it is real.  Open eyes focus on what matters, on what’s important, on what is.

Do you have an open heart?  Are you open to more than the family you love, more than the friends you enjoy, more than the neighbours you like?  Having an open heart means being open to those you have never met, to those you don’t understand, and to those who may be different than you.  It means opening up to those who are wealthy, who are hurting, who are powerful, who are addicted, who are suffering, who are less than, who are more than, who worship another. Can you soften your hard heart, open up to those who have a different opinion, who live differently than you, who love differently than you? Expand your heart, fill it with less judgement and more compassion.  We are all one.  If you are human, you are connected to each and every other human. There is no difference, only sameness; we are in fact each other, living in the same love and in the same space.

Are you open to possibility?  Are you open to what may come, to what we don’t know, to what we are frightened by, to what is available, to what is offered? Are you open to the diagnosis, to the plan being presented, to the opportunity that is before you, to the leap of faith required?



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