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The SACRED in Simple

Not everyone lives loud, not everyone lives large, not everyone lives long.  

For some, it’s not about how bright the light shines on them, it’s about casting their own light on others.  It’s about simplicity, about living an authentic life, where all those you encounter are left with an indelible mark; the mark of friendship, of love, of community.  

It’s about owning less, surrounded by only what’s needed and meaningful. It’s about knowing that you already have right here and right now, everything you need. It’s about believing so strongly in the inherent goodness of the earth and its people, and knowing that LOVE is always the answer.   It’s about honouring your connection to the planet, to all that it offers.  

It’s about being in service to others, in doing meaningful, healing work, and about giving from an open heart. It’s about using your own strength to hold up those who have fallen, raise up those who are weary, and to clear a path of calm with your kindness. It’s about living your life and facing your death with light, with courage, and with grace.   

Mary McCartney was that person.  She possessed a clarity that is rarely seen, a vision of the world that was true and hopeful and beautiful.  She lived with integrity, quietly but boldly; a simple and peace filled life. Even as she experienced world travels, including amazing hiking and kayaking adventures and deep sea dives, she remained humble, grateful for the opportunity to see and do more, to connect with mother nature and share in her gifts.  

She took the road less travelled, walked an unassuming path, and opted for a modest home and minimalist lifestyle; having less and doing more.  She recognised that we are all spiritual beings on a human journey and blessed to have whatever time we are afforded, knowing that the end is actually a transition, to the next beautiful place.

Described as a “unique, vibrant, and loving soul’ by her family, Mary was an inspiration to many, singing and dancing through life and leaving those of us who were lucky enough to love her, with the warmest of memories and the most important of lessons.     

Mary McCartney

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