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NOTHING need change

The last day. A time for many to reflect and to measure; our progress, our accomplishments, our disappointments. We add up the successes and failures, review how many goals were met, determine if it was indeed a good year.

We look ahead, thoughts turn to a fresh page, the creation of a new ‘to do’ list where only forward movement counts; to strive, to complete more, to become more complete. Time is fleeting and we feel the pressure to use what we have been gifted; to make the most of our moments, to be more than we were, and better than we are.

What if this time around, instead of looking forward, we looked down, at where we are planted? What if it was enough that we are still here, awake and aware on this beautiful blue planet. What if we simply carried on, grateful for the time we have, for the moment we are in. What if we lived consciously, aware of those around us. What if we simply did more of the same, and focused on goodness, not greatness. What if it was enough to just live our lives and travel our own path. What if we spent our time grounded, standing firmly in a place of gratitude, for this moment and the next, not harming others, helping where we can, choosing compassion and peace, standing in our truth. What if we simply brought our best self to bear?

What if our first new day was spent the same as our last old day – in integrity, with compassion, held in love.

Would it be enough?

UNTIL then - blog post, June 2015

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