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Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time and your interest in LWG

Living a life with ‘grace’ has been my aspiration for as long as I can remember and sharing our home with Grace, my mother, for twenty years, brought me so much  joy; teaching me more than I ever imagined.

Every chance I get, I celebrate family and community.  I believe in making an ordinary life more memorable by connecting with others, creating extraordinary moments, taking only what we need, and sharing everything we have. We all live full lives and what I do know is that it’s not about finding more time…we have all we are going to get.

We won’t be remembered for what we owned, where we lived, or how much money we made; we will be remembered for what we gave, the memories we helped create, and the time we spent together… the rest is just stuff!

I welcome your thoughts and comments on my blog and I encourage you to assume nothing, question everything, listen loudly and speak softly, believe some of what you see and be the author as well as the storyteller in your own life.

“We’re all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

*For those wishing to join us on our latest adventure –  designing a communal future in Shirley, BC, where we are creating intentional community by sharing more, taking less, and being led back to the land and to each other.