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Home – as published in Boulevard Magazine

With our twin sons newly graduated, there has been a lot of talk of late about ‘leaving home’. And with a grown daughter already living in Europe, we know only too well, how different home feels with her gone. Everything changes with each one that leaves; they take their memories, their energy, their laughter, and their dreams along with them, and the house is never quite the same. What I realize now, with two more on the threshold, or should I say the doorstep, is that you never really leave home – you take it with you. It’s not a place or an address; it’s a presence, a state of the ‘heart’.

I can still remember all of the houses I lived in as a child, the moves from town to town, new schools, and new friends. But with each new move, while many things changed, one thing stayed the same, my sense of belonging, my sense of ‘home’, that place where I shared my love and my laughter with family and friends. That sense of home is with me no matter where I live.

So, as our sons make plans, and buy backpacks and travel books, we tell them what we told our daughter – no matter where you find yourself in the world, you are never really far from home – just think of one of your favourite memories and if you hold it close it will feel just like you are here, you’ll be home!

February 11th update – our sons are traveling in Asia and the South Pacific and carry ‘home’ with them every place they go. Our daughter is returning ‘home’ this year, having traveled and lived abroad for over 4 years.

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