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Living With Grace

UNTIL then

Most of us know someone right now, who is suffering, who is not able to be their best self, who is dying. Many of us continue to pray, to send positive vibes, white light, good energy, and our best wishes to those on the other side of wellness.   Many of us accept that this is […]

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First things FIRST

What if instead of trying to do it all, we did some, most, or only what we could manage, and do well?  What if we were more realistic, and less ambitious with our list, and made our goal, not just completion, but satisfaction.  A job well done, achieved and relieved, take a breath before moving […]

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BACK to front

Anyone who has ever worked on a project, organized an event, or planned a trip, will know what it means to work from the end position, to start with the deadline, working back to the start.  It gives you a sense of what is needed in order to achieve the result.  It helps you plan […]

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The times they are a CHANGING

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but you can be fairly certain, it will not look like today.  Somewhere it will be different, and if not tomorrow, then next week, or next month. You can count on it, bet money on it, be sure of it; change is coming, and it is coming fast. […]

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We are all MOTHERS

All women are mothers; not all give birth, not all are able, not all want to. Some have not seen their own child in years, some have lost them, some are searching, and some have said goodbye.   Some have healed, some have moved on, some have left this lifetime, some live in hope, all are […]

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OPEN Door Policy

In the 80’s in corporate Toronto, the company I worked for introduced a strategy that would allow the management team to engage more with our staff; we were encouraged to adopt ‘an open door’ policy.  It was believed that by opening the doors to our offices, we were indeed opening up the lines of communication, […]

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Let us face it; most of us are living an ordinary life.  We are born, we die, and in between, we live… a fairly ordinary life. We grow up; go to school, work, and rest.  We have relationships, pay bills, travel, share meals, make money, handle hardships, play, travel, endure tragedy, learn, and grow old. […]

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Yours, Mine, OURS

Who decided that accumulation of the ‘most’ wins.  What if our success was measured by having the least amount of stuff, rather than the max.  What if we considered it a triumph to have the smallest home on the block instead of the largest.  What if owning was less cool than loaning. What if that […]

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We are all a product of the messages we hear, the information we take in, the underlying tale.  We learn from others ”don’t go to the edge, save your money, the world is tough, you are great with animals, people cannot be trusted,  you should go to university, we are not as rich as they […]

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Life after DEATH

What if time were not on your side? What if you were running out of months, weeks days?  What if your number was up, and you were not long for the planet?  Would you reflect and regret, wish for something different; to have seen more, done more, been more? Would you have wanted to live […]

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