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Grateful For The Gurney

I recently spent an unexpected day in hospital with my husband. He had been in bed for a few days with flu like symptoms and was under his Doctor’s care.  On this morning, his health had deteriorated even more and we ended up first in our Doctor’s office and then headed to hospital
for almost eight hours – a full work day.

I had been scheduled to speak at a Conference that day, but instead spent my time, watching and waiting, while many others worked hard to help my husband.  Later, that week, someone mentioned that they had felt sorry for me, for wasting my day in hospital, for missing my chance to
present, for having to spend so much time in a hospital room.  “Had I had a terrible day?”  And I quickly replied, “Actually, no, it had
been quite a good day, and I had spent some of my time writing a list of  what I was grateful for that day”

Since you asked, here’s what I am grateful for:

  • for  the heating pad that had kept my husband warm each day in bed
  • for  the pain medication that was making a difference to his severe back pain
  • for being self- employed so I could spend time by his side
  • for the nurses who cared for him and for me too as I sat beside him
  • for  the delicious tea and muffins I bought around the corner from the hospital
  • for  the medical plan we have that makes buying prescriptions no burden
  • for our family Doctor who paid attention to changing symptoms, called our house to check on him
  • for a car that works that got us to the hospital quickly
  • for a hospital that is only nine minutes away
  • for soup from the hospital kitchen, two bowls, and both hot
  • for  the wonderful bed, duvet, and super soft pillows he laid down upon all  week
  • for  the TV he watched, and the distraction from pain when he watched it
  • for friends who called and visited
  • for hospital  doctors who consulted and ruled out the dangerous stuff
  • for space and a chair for me to be by his side, to read, and write, and chat
  • for time together with nothing to do but talk
  • for slowing down – no computer, no cell phones, no music on the iPod – just us
  • for hospital equipment that worked well
  • for computers that carry medical history and provide good information
  • for IV liquids that made such a difference
  • for  a co worker who kept it going at work in his absence
  • for children that spent time visiting, and showing him he was loved
  • for wellness that was just around the corner

Not such a bad day after all!


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