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Finding True NORTH

What if instead of raising children, we raised them UP – to the light, to stand up and face forward

What if instead of feeling honoured to have them, we felt honoured that they chose us

What if we considered them a gift and a privilege and took our place in line, humbled by their presence

What if instead of looking for ‘teachable’ moments for them, we instead looked for ‘learnable’ moments for us

What if rather than being in charge, we took charge of the best way to help THEM make THEIR own way

What if we were always moving in the same direction, FORWARD, and found a way to travel together

What if we changed the ‘b’ to a ‘y’ and considered it a joy instead of a job

What if we worried more about feeding their spirit and less about what they ate for dinner

What if we could give them what they need so they already had what they want

What if LOVE really is the answer and we have been asking the wrong questions

What if we got out of their way so they could show us what their way looks like

What if we gave them a place to shine instead of standing on their shadow

What if we listened first and then talked

What if we discovered that we’ve been wrong all along…. they didn’t come to us so we could raise them, we came to them, so they could raise us.