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Recently, while out walking with my husband, we encountered a friend heading in our direction.  He stopped to talk, first taking out his ear buds, and then moments later having finished our chat, resumed his walk, ear buds firmly reinstated.

I couldn’t help thinking that while he was probably listening to some great tunes; he was missing out on a whole other song that was playing
that fine morning.

  • A cat meowing in the laneway
  • Young road hockey players yelling ‘car’
  • A neighbour calling out hello to another neighbour
  • One baby giggling in a stroller
  • Another  baby crying in a stroller
  • A mother’s reassuring voice to her twins
  • The car horn as one driver acknowledged another’s mistake
  • The beeping sound the stoplight made when it was our turn to cross
  • A little boy asking his mom if he could play at the park
  • The songbirds in the trees above
  • A passenger shouting out his thanks to the driver for holding the bus
  • The rattle of the chains on the park swings
  • The sound a seagull made overhead
  • The soft rustle of the wind through the trees
  • The sound of laughter coming from the daycare windows
  • The senior thanking the teen for holding the bank doors open
  • The swinging sound of a metal ‘for sale’ sign
  • The whistling of another passerby
  • The rolling wheels  of a senior’s walker
  • The waves crashing against the boardwalk
  • The jingling of change in our pockets
  • A puppy’s bark at the sight of a squirrel
  • The sounds our footsteps made on the gravel path
  • The grocery service driver ringing a doorbell
  • The sound of gratitude for a beautiful morning’s walk