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UNTIL then

Most of us know someone right now, who is suffering, who is not able to be their best self, who is dying. Many of us continue to pray, to send positive vibes, white light, good energy, and our best wishes to those on the other side of wellness.   Many of us accept that this is the way it is and we are at peace, knowing that resistance makes the journey harder and a sense of peace, can pave a path of grace.

For those of us for whom life in this moment, is not filled with these challenges or sadness, many are grateful, for what we have, what we don’t have to face or endure, for the health and wellbeing we currently enjoy. We challenge ourselves to ‘live in the moment’ to understand and embrace that ‘life is short’ and to live our best life.

All this is good and well and needed and appreciated, however, I think we might consider doing more.  I think we could make things easier, prettier, happier, not so challenging for others.  I think that rather than just ‘being’ grateful, we need to ‘do’ grateful.  It is not enough to be thinking about these people, albeit in a positive way, I think we need to be spending time making a difference, to their living.

I propose that we help them in an ordinary way, with their ordinary day.  When we make a meal, we can double our efforts, and provide a meal for someone else.  When we are buying groceries, consider adding to our cart, grow extra rows in our garden, and when we are at the library, pick up extra books.  We can do a load of laundry, mop a floor, clean a house, walk a dog.  When we are dining out, order extra and drop it by so they can share in our experience, send them the names of movies we think they might enjoy, and buy flowers again, long after the first flowers we bought are gone. Record the concert when they cannot attend, film the event when they cannot be there, photograph the sunset when they cannot see.  We can take them where they need to go, visit when we have a moment, spend some time on the phone, on Skype or on Facebook.  We can simply include them in our plans, on our lists, in our day.

What if we wrote more than a ‘to do’ list, what if we wrote a ‘to do for’ list, and added in those we could include and help.  Ask them what they need – and fill it – make them more than a passing thought.  We are all in this together, and while we walk a personal and solo journey, we are all connected, never truly alone.   They are already in our office, in our neighbourhood, in our family, in our heart… why not add them into our life.

UNTIL then - blog post, June 2015


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